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feed icon Work on XOOPS 2.6.0 Presentation Layer has started in link XOOPS Web Application System (2015-5-20 4:30:00)
We are very happy to let you know that Eduardo has started to work on the "Presentation Layer" in XOOPS 2.6.0, using his fantastic Common Utilities as basis to merge them into the Core We all know and love the work done by Eduardo over the years, and ...
feed icon Xoopstastic.com is now open! in link XOOPS Web Application System (2015-5-7 21:00:00)
I'm very happy to announce that xoopstastic.com is now open! Xoopstastic.com is a premium resources centre. This means that, on the site, you'll find a selection of best themes, modules, plugins and other elements, commercial end free. Currently, th ...
feed icon Goffy joins the German-speaking XOOPS Team in link XOOPS Web Application System (2015-5-3 1:20:00)
It's nice to see a new energy in the German-speaking XOOPS community , which recently added a new team member, Goffy , to its Admin team: Goffy has been using XOOPS since 2004, and got into more serious development since 2010. He is author and contri ...
feed icon bXpress: a lightweight forum for XOOPS in link XOOPS Web Application System (2015-4-3 23:49:11)
Some of you might be already aware of bXpress , a module to create a forum section in XOOPS , with the peculiarity of being very light and easy to use. Well, today's news is that, for some time now, I have been testing it in Xoops México , and so f ...
feed icon Beortho.com with new theme based on Ethernial in link XOOPS Web Application System (2015-4-1 13:11:50)
A new theme, based on Ethernial has been created for beortho.com by Eduardo Cortés . The new theme includes full integration with Formulize , a module designed for forms creation and reports on the web. Another relevant feature of this new site, is ...
feed icon Bootnewage CPanel theme (Beta release) in link XOOPS Web Application System (2015-4-1 13:10:00)
I am happy to introduce a new CPanel (Admin) theme for XOOPS, completely rewritten with Bootstrap, in order to provide visibility and compatibility with different mobile devices. It is important to stress that unfortunately, with versions of XOOPS 2. ...
feed icon Newoni, a new free theme in link XOOPS Web Application System (2015-3-8 13:47:04)
I'm thrilled to announce my first new XOOPS theme in a few years! It's been a long while, but I hope this one is worth it ;). I present to you... Newoni! Newoni is built upon the wonderful xbootstrap which is a wonderful base template to use (if you ...
feed icon ocaholic.ch/it/fr/co.uk/net with modified xBootstrap Theme in link XOOPS Web Application System (2015-2-28 22:01:58)
Back in November 2014 I've started working with my coder from Italy on moving ocaholic to the xBootstrap theme. Meanwhile we've almost done everything we wanted to. There are some things in the forums we still want to change and there are also some m ...
feed icon Roadmap/Update 2.6.0 in link XOOPS Web Application System (2015-2-23 8:20:00)
I get questions about the timing and status of XOOPS 2.6.0, along with questions about how to help. I apologize for not doing a better job of communicating in this area. It is great to know that there is such interest! The short answer is, we've come ...
feed icon Favicon Generator Module in link XOOPS Web Application System (2015-2-13 7:04:55)
As I said in the last post , some new modules are being made available to the XOOPS community, and first out is a Favicon Module. Originally it was meant as a commercial module, but when I first started using XOOPS, way, way back there, everything wa ...
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